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101 Sambandið

101 Sambandið is the telecommunications company of the future.

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Our involvement

We worked closely with Sambandið, the telecommunications company of the future to launch the Sambandið app. We programmed their webpage and joined their app development team.

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Empowering a successful launch

101 Sambandið wanted to launch their mobile application on Menningarnótt in Iceland. That meant the mobile app would get a lot of traffic on the first day, meaning everything needed to be bullet-proof on launch day. In partnership with the team at Sambandið we managed to get the app up and running in time, and a lot of happy users.

The Sambandið app

We worked closely with a team from Sambandið in programming the app. With the app users can automatically switch over to Sambandið, get deals that Sambandið has to offer, update their data plan and more.

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Powered by React Native

At Mojo we are big fans of React Native. It enables us to create easy to use, cross-platform applications with our clients in way less time than if we were using other alternatives.

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A mobile-first website

We programmed the Sambandið website from the ground up. It's powered by Contentful and Gatsby.js, to ensure a lightning-fast experience.

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