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Fjallasyn is an established family-run tourism business that was originally established in 1982 to conduct school driving which we still do

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Our involvement

In partnership with the team at Fjallasýn, we took care of the front end development of the website. The programming language we chose was Nextjs, to help us create a blazing fast website that helps tourists book with Fjallasýn.

See project

Creating a booking system for one of the biggest travel companies in Northern Iceland.

Fjallasýn is a family run company that helps tourist travel around Northern Iceland. Their bus services are known for great quality and superb customer service. What they wanted was a booking website that worked as smooth as their bus operation.

A website thats reliant, fast and user friendly.

The increase in tourism in Iceland over the last couple of years only demands tour operators to have a good website. No more can you rely on phone calls for your bookings. Mojo helped Fjallasýn to tick all the boxes and offer their bookers a user friendly experience that matches their family run user friendly tour operation.

A beautiful experience

When we saw the design we immediately and were excited to bring it to digital life.

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Same smooth experience on both mobile and desktop

Tourists that were booking tours with Fjallasýn were going to the website from all locations. Whether it was in an airport, on a mountain or in another region, there was a big need for the website to load as fast and be as user friendly no matter where you are or what device you're on.