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Memento Payments

Memento provides the leading digital wallet experience. Memento helps financial institutions become relevant in their customer's everyday life by offering the next generation digital wallet for people on the go.

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Our involvement

We teamed up with the Fintech entrepreneurs at Memento Payments to create a web-based payment solution to go with their existing array of products. The result was an excellent digital solution that Memento can be proud of.

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Mobile-first approach

The aim was to design the solution with a "mobile first" methodology. We designed the payment solution from the ground up and managed to produce a design both parties were happy with by getting regular feedback on the design.

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Secure payments

Payments can be a tricky thing. In partnership with the team at Memento we created an easy-to-use payment solution that's secure and reliable.

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Powered by NextJS

We programmed the system using the design we produced. We launched the system quickly and effectively in partnership with Memento. The Web application in powered by the Javascript framework NextJS to ensure fast loading speed and a friendly development environment.