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PartyOn is a startup from the United States that's on a mission to change the way we think of death. Their tagline is "Death doesn't have to be so creepy"

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Our involvement

We started with an empty page. We took care of creating a memorable brand, logo, choosing the fonts, colors, everything. After that was all set, we designed their website and web app and took care of all the development as well. The website is written in Gatsbyjs to ensure their users receive a blazing fast website experience.

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A user friendly website

Creating a website that would change the way people looked at their death was a fun mission. With vivid colors and a "cosy feeling" looking website, we managed to create a website that users liked.

PartyOn Website | Mojo Software

First step was to create a brand that people would remember.

In partner with the team at PartyOn, we helped them create a brand. Logo, fonts, colors, we created everything they needed to be a brand people would remember.

Onboarding users in a desktop experience.

We designed and developed the onboarding sign up process for PartyOn, to help their users go through a series of friendly steps when they are deciding what happens when they die. It was challenging, but at the same time a lot of fun.

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